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Failure to Launch

You know that time when you thought of a really good idea, imagined and dreamed about its success, how you’d be able to make this your career, and that the world would be a better place because of it?

And then threw it in all the back of the closet and slammed the door, never to speak of it again?

Well, I can’t be the only one. Back when Rylan was a baby and I lived in Florida, I wanted to make mom friends and also do more than sit on the couch talking about diapers and sleep training. I wanted to exercise and feel great! So, here comes Plus One Fitness. A workout group that offered a variety of formats for all fitness levels; and you brought your child! I got certified to teach, bought all the marketing materials, got a Facebook page (it’s still out there) and a website, and then……..I panicked. All operations ceased. This would never work! People won’t pay to take a class with me. What if I fail? What if people think I suck? What if no one shows up and I look like an idiot?

I couldn’t manage the fear of failing. And that was the end of that.

Fast forward to 2020. We all know what happened and what it was. Some needed changes in my job happened and fortunately I fell into a great job that carried me through most of the school year with Rylan. I also got to meal prep sporadically (as a sub for my amazing mom’s personal chef/catering company) for the family I was working for and really looked forward to those weekends of menu planning, shopping, and cooking. When that job came to an abrupt end last month, I was in uncharted territory. No income, no plan, no clue. And people ask, ‘well what do you like to do?’ And my obvious answer is that I love to cook! I enjoy perusing recipe books, scouting the internet, watching YouTube channels on food and trending ingredients, and preparing beautiful and equally delicious meals for people. So, what do I? Get an LLC, buy the website, the insurance, the logo, the packaging, the labels, new cookware. And….panic.

I’m at that door again. The door of inevitable failure. How easy to just waltz in, throw the accumulated clutter in, and hightail out of another catastrophe . No one to judge, criticize, and definitely no one to actually order a meal plan and despise it.

But as many have kindly reminded me, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY! What’s the worst that can happen? Better yet, what’s the best that can happen? What if someone actually places an order? What if they LIKE the food? What if I can actually make a living doing what I actually love? I hear other people do that and they ACTUALLY succeed!

I think I’m going to try it. A lot of people love what I make, I already have people that pay me to cook for them, and I’ve been in the restaurant/catering/hospitality business since I was 14, so what better time than now?

“When we stop taking risks, we stop living life.”

If you want to check out what I’m doing, please go to my website. If not, maybe share it with someone that you think may enjoy the service.

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