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Fall into the 4 R's

As the school buses fill the streets and more people return to offices, our schedules become packed with after school activities, sports, and social commitments. Meal prep, calculated shopping trips, and time for cooking becomes minimal. Now more than ever, our bodies need the fuel and nutrients to combat lethargy, stress, and midday snack attacks.

Over the next month, the menu will focus on 4 R's that we could all use a little more of : Restore, Rebalance, Reflect, and Renew. They're plant based and focus on boosting energy, lifting your mood, and helping you sleep. Not to fear, I will still have many other menu options for the meat and gluten lovers, but just a couple each week that will focus on these self-care driven meals.

Make sure to book your delivery time slots early for the upcoming week, as they tend to be full by Saturday night!

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